Video Resume tips:

Before you hit record, here’s a few video interview tips.

You have two minutes or less. It's sometimes referred to as: "the elevator pitch". 

Just like a paper resume, you need to cover the essentials:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Interests

One important thing for a job seeker to note, videos are only used to assist with the initial screening of candidates — not to completely replace face-to-face interviews. some recruiters and hiring managers find this screening process helpful as they might not get all the information they need solely from your written resume. Other reasons for this  interview? Time and efficiency. This benefits both of you. 

Your goal as a Job Seeker is to get a physical meeting. 

Record in the right environment:

When you think about how to succeed in a video resume, it's important to start from the background of your recording. You NEED to be you! All the focus should be on you — not the background.

This can be challenging because you’re an Outdoors person and maybe videoing in the Outdoors. 

Make sure the lighting is correct. No glares, shadows, or loud noises. 

Be yourself. You want to be in the business culture you fit into.

Do this right and both you and your employer will become the perfect fit. 

Before you start recording, practice in front of the mirror and then the webcam, as if you're talking to someone sitting right in front of you. Eye contact is essential in any interaction, so be sure to look directly into the camera when talking.

Again this can be difficult if you’re doing an Outdoors action type video/segment.  

Be sure to search the internet for more tips and advice.

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