Career Tools

  1. Networking

Networking remains the most effective way to get promotions, new jobs or greater responsibilities. Start within your company, particularly if you hope to remain there, and work your way out to other contacts. Learn to strike up conversations and always carry business cards; you never know who might be your next job lead. 

  1. In-House Training

If your company provides in-house training, follow through with new certificates, classes and learning opportunities. The more you know, the more you can offer your employer, which can lead to greater responsibilities and upward mobility on the corporate ladder. If your employer does not offer training, consider signing up for specialty courses or online college classes in your chosen field to work toward a degree or certifications that will help you in your job.

  1. Skills Checklists

Skills checklists for your career field can be an excellent way to help you find areas where you need more training or experience. Knowing what a typical worker in your prospective career is expected to do will help you tailor training courses and extracurricular learning to achieve the necessary skills, knowledge and certifications. With these results, you can ask your employer for more opportunities to grow in your weak areas.

  1. Resume/CV Builder

Perhaps what is holding you back is as simple as the way your current resume looks. Consider revamping your resume, adding a video resume, especially if you have not updated it recently with skills, knowledge or work experience. Professional resume writers can give your resume a polish if you feel like an expert opinion is in order. Companies like Animaker can help with your video resume. Consider the format; is it the right type of resume for your career choice?

  1. Career Aptitude Tests

Another way to see where you might need extra training or experience is by taking a career aptitude test. This is an impartial testing method that measures how your abilities, skills and knowledge measure up to the standards for workers in your chosen career.

You might even find it helpful to print out and include the results of these types of tests when you apply for that next job or promotion. By utilizing some of the many tools available to you, you can position yourself to be next in line for a promotion or new job.

The more effort you make to better your career, the more likely you are to see results, so pursue training and responsibilities and make sure you network with anyone who might be a potential lead. Career advancement is simply a matter of finding and using the resources available to you.

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