About us

About Us.

Keeping it Outside Jobs is a collaboration of passion, crazy ideas, and the desire to help others. We all grow up getting dirty, wet, and cold. From mucking horse stalls, bucking hay, hunting, fishing, motocross racing, skiing, anything that got us outside. If we get woken up to avalanche control and hear the roads are closed, we know it's gonna be a GOOD day.

We had a crazy idea to develop a job-board and made it happen with hard work. We wanted to give businesses the ability to post jobs, search resumes, find outside sales reps, and attract the best talent over multiple outdoor industries.

Keeping it Outside Jobs uses tactics made popular by search engines to drastically widen the reach of your job(s). Using our unique Buffering ensures Job Postings are seen by tens of thousands views, even millions over all platforms.

No secret, people like you that live for Keeping it Outside have skills and talent that crossover.

Keeping it Outside is making sure you hire the best.

Don’t tell anyone:
“There's no wifi in the forest but we’ll find you a connection.”

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