Niche job board

Niche Job Boards help hiring managers and recruiters source applicants for their open jobs. Companies will often pay a job board in order to aggregate their jobs to hundreds of secondary job boards. Keeping it Outside use's popular tactics of search engines optimization (SEO) like pay per click models, daily budgets, and sponsored postings that widen the reach of your job postings. 

That means we use all of our resources and tools to make your job posting have the highest reach. No hidden agenda, Keeping it Outside Jobs is a niche Job Board. There is no way we can compete with Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter NOR do we want too. 

We want your job openings to stand out from competitors and be the best fit for Job Seekers.

Finding the employees that fit into your business culture and business model are key to your success. 

That's why we're here.

What is a job post subscription plan? 

We don't even offer a subscription plan.


A subscription plan is a monthly fee you will pay to the job board that will allow you to keep all of your data in one place, post a set number of jobs within the pricing parameters, and use applicant tracking system features.


Subscription plans can be tricky if you forget to cancel in time. Incurring an extra month of fees makes nobody happy.

What is Pay-Per-Click or Pay-for-Performance?


Pay per click or PPC works for the hands-on hiring manager. Based on search engine principles made popular by Google, pay for performance allows a manager to only pay for the clicks to a job ad.


A hiring manager without the time or expertise may not want to commit to this sort of pricing. A PPC model is great, but also keep in mind that you pay per click, regardless of whether a candidate decides to apply to the position.

What is a Per Post Job Post?


A per post allows for the utmost transparency in a job post. Without any recurring fees, a per post option allows you a reliable budget at a set amount.


A per post price tag typically looks the scariest, with the set fee. If the job doesn’t perform as well as you had hoped, that’s wasted money. Please contact us if this happens. 

How can I get cheaper jobs?

Many job boards offer bundled pricing which means you buy several job posts upfront at a lower combined rate to use later. If you plan on hiring frequently in the future and you haven’t falling into a pricey subscription plan, this is a great way to buy less expensive jobs.

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