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2022 will either be your year of smarter hiring, or considerably less hiring. This highlights the power that data and analytics have in strategic hiring. If you are looking for hiring magic for your team, look at the numbers first, your niche market and make sure your budget matches up with your recruiting targets, given the people's scarcity. Leverage AI, video resumes, niche markets where it makes sense, promote job openings internally, be sure your apps that candidates use are easily accessible to them, and tune up your communication workflows. All that will position you well to make the most of the current challenging market this year.

  1. Trust the data

Build your plan based on the available data. You can start by determining your current resources – including team capacity, budget, sales targets – and compare them to previous years to determine your hiring needs. You convert these hard facts into your company’s leadership as it will help you determine your priorities.

  1. Win with communication

Did you know 63% of candidates find employer communication inadequate during the recruiting process? Don’t let this number discourage you; take it as an opportunity to set your hiring process apart from the competition. Quick wins like installing a chatbot to answer candidate questions or implementing SMS communication can decrease your time to hire while boosting the candidate experience. Tip: test your chatbot. If it answers real-life questions with useless dead ends, improve it or drop it. You don’t want to alienate the job candidates.

  1. Leverage AI and video resumes to increase efficiency

Recruiter productivity comes to the forefront during any global, business-crushing crisis that stems from a shortage of people. We expect 2022 will see even large companies rise and fall based on hiring success. Every moment counts. That’s why it’s important to consider where AI and video resume technologies can automate administrative time drains like interview scheduling, resume sorting, and even job advertising. You need a personality fit. It may seem like just a couple of minutes here and there, but it adds up. We found that with legacy technology, recruiters can spend up to 40% of their time sorting print resumes. A two minute video resume can be the answer.

  1. Look internally

Only about two in five companies promote jobs internally. If this is true for you, then your business may be missing out on some of the best talent. Internal mobility can entail redeployment to fill urgent local demands, or promoting from within. This can save your company time and money while boosting retention in the long run. Those who are promoted are much less likely to head for the exit.

  1. Make applications accessible

When was the last time you took a critical look at the application your candidates see? Is it easy to fill out? Is it mobile-friendly? Don’t create barriers with clunky forms; keep it easy and accessible. Remember some candidates may be mobile and have no access to a laptop or WiFi. So make sure your application works for smartphones and consider implementing one-click applications to tighten your net and let fewer slip away. Purchasing a print resume or video resume search is an option too. 

Look deeper into candidates’ needs

In recruiting, it’s always important to know what motivates your candidates and deliver on that. Often, applicants from competitors are looking for location flexibility, scheduling flexibility, better culture or compensation they could not get at their current employer. Finding out what they seek, and delivering programs that fulfill their goals can set your company apart. 

You can get a closer look at what Job seekers want through here https://keepingitoutsidejobs.com/resources/job-seekers-wants

Severe staffing shortages make entire business models unsustainable these days. For every job candidate, multiple open positions await. Many companies can’t be profitable, let alone grow, without filling empty seats. If that’s the case for your business, then you know it’s crucial to get an influx of workers – and fast!

Keeping it Outside Jobs is here to help anyway we can. We'll continue to update and improve this page according to the hiring market changes. 

Now, get outside and make it happen! 

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