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Fishing & Boating Educator (Seasonal or Full-Time)

Posted by Trackers Earth on 07/01/2024

Fishing & Boating Educator (Seasonal or Full-Time) Job Basics

Industry Sector
Fishing, Outdoor, WaterSports
Job Type
Job Categories
Guide (raft,fish,bike hunt,horse etc.), Instructor Including Ski & Patrol, Outdoor Education, Outfitter- Adventure Travel Staff
$745 - $940 per week
Required to Relocate
Required to Travel
Employee May Telecommute
Job Seeker Must Live Within
25 miles
Required Experience
1 - 3 years

Fishing & Boating Educator (Seasonal or Full-Time) Job Description & Requirements

Your job? Teach fishing, boating & foraging to staff, students, and kids!

Trackers Earth is a youth organization that inspires kids to navigate real challenges. We believe they can truly contribute, developing the grit and character they need to thrive! Kids learn old-school outdoor skills: wilderness survival, farm craft, wild foraging, fishing, martial arts, boating, and more. All this in immersive camps and programs filled with epic story and adventure.

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The Opportunity

Join us! Help change the movement of outdoor education through Fishing, Boating, and Ecology. Share your passion for shoreline and water foraging, boating, and aquatic ecology with youth. This position goes beyond a job—you help create a village. Your role? A Trackers Guide is a mentor to hundreds of students and staff. As a subject matter expert, contribute to and help Fishing, Boating, and Ecology curriculum in serving upwards to 2500 kids a year.

What We Do!

We have served our community and the natural world since 2004. Through this journey we have provided key program scholarships to families in need, conserved hundreds of acres of forest and wildlands, and educated tens of thousands of youth and adults outdoors. Our mission? Help kids build a relationship with nature and give them the essential knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to stand up with us to save the world!

Grow with Trackers

The programs you help build teach leading edge outdoor skills that cultivate competence, capability, and curiosity in the youth we serve. Your efforts guides kids to better contribute to their family, nature, and many generations beyond us. In this critical role, you help our community build our Village both as students and guides. Join a seasoned, dedicated, and expert team to move outdoor education toward its greater potential. Come guide kids to reclaim childhood and their connection to the wild!

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Trackers offers both seasonal and full-time, year-round roles. Positions are limited, we encourage you to apply for a variety of options. Interns, Leads & Coordinators (seasonal day or overnight options). Supervisors (year-round, full-time options).

  • Teaching Coordinator Guide kids outdoors while also managing assistant staff. Required: 1+ years Outdoor Education. 18 years & up. $745 - $785 weekly (Day), $1,175 weekly (Overnight).
  • Managing Coordinator Manage a team of Day Camp Coordinators. Required: 1+ years Outdoor Education, 1+ years management, CDL Class B (we help you get this). 21 years & up. $940 weekly/Seasonal.
  • Supervisor & Educator (year-round, full-time) Manage and organize break camp sites. Teach in school-year mentoring programs. Required: 2+ years Outdoor Education, 2+ years management, CDL Class B (we help you get this). 21 years & up. $45,760 - $51,140 yearly, PTO, medical benefits.

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Career and professional development.

  • Community of mentors with exciting training in original outdoor skills.
  • 25% off all Trackers Earth programs (staff only).
  • Save with industry discounts and pro-deals.
  • Free camp for 2 kids (Grade K-5) for Coordinator & higher!


As a seasonal educator with Trackers, you are not assigned to an officially fixed worksite. Leads meet at field site. With free shuttle usually available from Check-In/Check-Out location. Coordinators & Supervisors meet morning and afternoon at Check-In/Check-Out locations.

About Trackers

Since 2004, kids and extended families in all their forms have journeyed on adventures with Trackers Earth and our Guides. We share the Arts of Tracking through stewardship and enduring outdoor skills. We commit to developing opportunity by respecting the diverse cultures and values of every Guide, youth, and family serving with us. We endeavor to grow with families for the increased accessibility of these experiences. We define ourselves by an ever deeper kinship to the more than human world, multi-generational character, and the principles discovered and found in the quietest moments with the forest.

About Trackers Earth

Trackers Earth offers camps and outdoor programs for all ages. We provide innovative education in nature connection and authentic outdoor skills. Camps and classes include forest craft, wild plants, archery, restoration and much more. Our purpose: Greater connection to community, nature, our heritage, and future.

About Trackers Earth


Trackers is a team of expert educators, and a community. We are made up of compassionate individuals who believe kids (and adults) should have real adventures in the natural world.

At Trackers we are champions of land and village. We are navigators of an epic world that needs to exist, sharing passion and respect for the land and a timeless human story.

Trackers is a family organization. We are not simply limited to one family. Like a true village, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, aunties and uncles, grandmas and grandpas from many different kinds of families work side-by-side for the greater good. We value instilling care and respect for the natural world and the community we serve. With Trackers you often get the feeling of "old friends that just met".

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